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Cut D Lite

NXG™ have developed their own in-house innovative yarns which produce higher cut resistance while maintaining a lightweight glove format to ensure maximum dexterity and comfort. They do their own in-house yarn wrapping and knitting using the latest innovative yarns and knitting machines ending off with the latest intelligent automatic dipping lines to ensure a quality consistent high-level product quality.


  • Super lightweight 18 gauge Cut Level D glove
  • Innovative in-house NXG™ Cut resistant yarn
  • Reinforced thumb and forefinger area
  • Excellent fit, dexterity and performance
  • 360° breathability
  • Durable and breathable nitrile coating


360° Breathability - Icon
Ergonomically Shaped - Icon
Vending Pack Available - Icon
Reinforced Thumb Area - Icon
Cut D - Icon
Touch Screen - Icon

360° Breathability

Specialised materials and innovative design are used to promote airflow and breathability which maximise worker comfort for any type of application.

Ergonomically Shaped

These gloves work with you and the natural movements of your hand to ensure enhanced comfort without compromise to work quality and safety.

Vending Pack Available

Vend-ready packs are available, so workers have easy access to critical safety accessories they need to get on with the job safely and efficiently.

Reinforced Thumb Area

Reinforcements are made in key contact areas where additional durability is required to improve the safety and longevity of the glove.

Cut D

Higher cut resistance using in-house developed material that improves safety while ensuring maximum dexterity and comfort.

Touch Screen

Gloves designed with touchscreen capability for modern workplaces, so workers don’t need to remove their gloves and risk injury.

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