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Sweat-absorbing Lined Nitrile Industrial Glove

Drier, stronger, better. MEGAMAN delivers advanced comfort and unprecedented strength in a fully textured, extended cuff glove.

Featuring multi-layer construction and a proprietary moisture-wicking lining, this glove provides level 2 abrasion resistance for long-wearing durability combined with DriTek™ sweat management technology to keep hands drier and more comfortable.

Certified Tough, MEGAMAN is an 27cm black nitrile glove with the dexterity and tactile sensitivity demanded for detail work combined with the durability and protection needed for the toughest environments.

TouchTek™ clean glove technology and an AQL of 1.5 ensure a glove that provides optimum protection from the outside environment, while reducing contaminates that can compromise samples or irritate skin.

MEGAMAN is Dermatologically Approved by the Skin Health Alliance and has met stringent standards that ensure skin safety.

DriTeK™ A moisture-controlled environment, keeping hand irritation to a minimum.

TouchTek™ On the outside, TouchTek technology reduces the contamination of sensitive materials and workspaces. On the inside, TouchTek reduces the chemicals that can be absorbed through the skin, leading to irritation or painful reactions.

MilTek™ A technology that delivers a more consistent thickness across the entire glove, minimizing the differences from finger to palm and from palm to cuff.

Non-latex nitrile offers superior abrasion and puncture resistance and the fully textured grip allows better handling of small parts and slippery objects.

EcoTek - is an important technology SW has developed in support of global sustainability initiatives. The new technology dramatically accelerates biodegradability of our nitrile gloves ultimately in landfills.

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By removing the chemicals used in the manufacturing process from the final glove, our TouchTek™ technology provides a safer environment on the inside, while increasing performance capabilities on the outside. Unique post-processing technology produces a glove with less chemicals that is up to 75% cleaner than others available on the market, as verified through USP 661 testing.

Our MilTek™ technology delivers a more consistent material thickness across the entire glove – from fingers to palm to cuff. This breakthrough technology involves a production process that delivers a smoother thickness gradient – which is the thickness deferential between the three areas – that gets as close to zero as possible.

DriTek™ is a moisture-controlled environment, keeping hand irritation to a minimum.